Please arrive at the range one hour prior to our closing time to allow yourself ample time for shooting. As daylight allows we will remain open for shooting, please call us if you will be arriving at the range less than one hour before closing as we will do our absolute best to accommodate our customers. In the event of inclement weather, please call ahead.

Our sporting clays course, FITASC, and 5 stand are all outside - dress for the weather.

You will need eye and ear protection. If you own appropriate glasses and ear plugs, please bring them. If you do not, we have loaner glasses and disposable ear plugs.

Partial or Full Closure Days:

  • Thanksgiving Eve (11/21) - Open until 3pm
    Thanksgiving - (11/22) - CLOSED
    Black Friday - (11/23) - Regular hours (8-5pm)

  • Christmas Eve (12/24) - Open until 12pm
    Christmas Day (12/25) - CLOSED

  • New Years Eve (12/31) - CLOSED
    New Years Day (1/1) - Our full course will not be available. We will be hosting a shoot, so only the remaining stations not in use for the shoot will be open to the public. Please call ahead for more information. We will also be closing early, once the event concludes

  • May 11, 2019: All stations and games will be closed to the public as we host the first ever Monster Money Shoot

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