Common Q & A

Do I need a Reservation to Shoot? Do I need to be a member?

Mid-Hudson is open to the public, however our members enjoy discounted prices, special events, and more.

You do not need a reservation to come and shoot (our course is automated and solo shooters can set a time delay on targets throws). If you’d like to do the Intro to Sporting Clays package we highly recommend making a reservation to ensure we have an instructor available when you arrive.

Do I need a license to shoot a shotgun?

Clays sporting, skeet, and FITASC are all done with a shotgun. You do not need a license to shoot a shotgun in New York.

What kind of gun can I bring to shoot?

All guns shot on premise must have at least a 24" barrel and they cannot have a pistol grip or be tactical type guns. Pump, over/under, side by side, and semi automatics are all fine. You can bring your own ammo as long as it’s target ammo shot size 9s,8s , or 7.5s; no steel.

I don’t own a gun, can I rent one?

Yes, rent shot guns to individuals who have shot before. We have several rental guns that you can choose from to find one that fits you best (weight, length, style, etc). Prices are $15 for members and $25 for non-members. Ammo is also available for purchase at market rates. A rental gun may be shared by up to two people.

Can I shoot my handgun or rent a pistol?

Mid-Hudson does not have a pistol, handgun, or rifle range. Bullets in pistols and rifles travel very far and we do not have the space to offer both a sporting clays course and a pistol and/or rifle range. If you’re looking for something else, we do offer several archery targets.

I’ve never shot before…

First time shooters must take our Intro to Sporting Clays package before they can go out on the course. The Intro is quick, insightful, and fun. Learn more here and reserve a time with us to ensure we have an instructor available when you arrive. Afterwards, we encourage you to go out on the course to shoot more and put your new knowledge and skills to work.

Do you host corporate & Bacehelor(Ette) events?

Yes, we host an array of groups frequently (including large fundraisers). Please call us and let us know what you have in mind (number of people, length of trip, preferred date and time, etc.).

We’ll work with you to arrange anything from a large, organized shoot to a smaller team gathering with or without rental guns, instructors, trappers, score cards, catering, golf carts, etc. 845-255-7460

Can I bring my kids?

Children 10 years or older (NYS law) are welcome to join you. Anyone 18 years or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

More questions?

Call the clubhouse at 845-255-7460 or contact us for a quick reply here.